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Variable Drive Panels

Standard Features

Nema 3R Weather Proof Control Cabinet

Harmonic Filtering to meet or exceed power company requirements.  IEEE519 Certified

UL-508A Panel Shop

Built-in EMC filter to protect from excessive electronic distortion

Oversized components for greater reliability

Built-in RS485 and Modbus Communication

Over engineered panel cooling system

Optional Features

Alarm messaging via phone call, text message, or email

Longterm tracking and data logging

Control remotely from mobile app and online site

Large, full color, touchscreen control embedded into panel for easy access

Built to Last

Sizes and Price

40 HP (62 Amp)                   $8,286
50 HP (77 Amp)                   $9,665
60 HP (93 Amp)                   $10,466
100 HP (144 Amp)               $12,733
125 HP (180 Amp)               $18,160
150 HP (216 Amp)               $20,773
200/250 HP (325 Amp)       $25,000
250/300 HP (361 Amp)       $28,893
300/350 HP (432 Amp)       $37,000
75 HP (116 Amp)                 $12,200
350/400 HP (481 Amp)       $43,133
All of our panels are built to meet and exceed industry standards, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your panel will operate in the most adverse conditions
All of out panels are fully equipped with Harmonic Filter, Variable Drive, Breaker, Fan Cooling Package, and Customized Touch Screen are included.  We can customize components used to meet any requirements necessary.

For any questions, or orders please call: Sales Department - 208-670-4912

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